Jax Hsu

Known as “Jax Fermada,” has been break dancing for 17 years and is still going strong. He represents dance crews such as Now or Never (Vancouver), Nation of Funk (USA/Canada), and Supernaturalz (Toronto). As a Chinese/Taiwanese descent growing up in Canada, he has developed an unique style that credits to his Eastern roots and Western upbringing. He is not only athletic, which has allowed him to be very musical and swift, but he also has a creative side that emphasizes his funky character and earning him the name of the “Fresh Prince of Taiwan.”

He has competed on many international stages since 2008. In his first experience competing internationally and representing Canada was at the Battle of the Year finals in Germany where he placed 7th in the world. In 2010, he was invited to perform in the closing ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and has worked on Hell Cats TV series and a Campbell soup commercial. In the year of 2012, he collaborated with the Keep Going Breakers (Taiwan) to win the R16 South-East Asia title and competed in South Korea for the world finals. In addition to his accomplishments, he has won Vancouver’s World of Dance breaking battle from 2013 – 2015. In the Summer of 2015, he was ranked the top bboy in Canada and was invited to compete in the 2015 Red Bull BC One Canada Cyphers.

Outside of competitions, Jax is also an educator. He has been teaching dance for 10 plus years and has worked with numerous of organizations, school boards, and arts academy. He believes teaching through art can be more effective and allow the artist to deliver their message more clearly. His goal as an educator is to cultivate discipline and hard work to our youth, which will in return make our next generation brighter. He works with studios such as Just 4 Kicks (Surrey), Dance West (Surrey), and Ximu Vocal Academy (Vancouver) and has the hopes to bring a break dancing team to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

First and foremost Jax not just an dancer, but an artist as well. Outside of dance, he is also a professional photographer. The culture of art has completely shaped his life and taught him life lessons that can only be learned from outside of the classroom. He is very grateful for the opportunities that life has offered him and the youth he has been able to work alongside with. He is looking forward to the many more years to come and the stories that are to be unravelled.


温哥华青年舞蹈家、编导及Breaking世界冠军。作为在加拿大生长的台湾后裔,他开发了一种独特的风格, 这归功于他的东方根源与西方的成长经历。

– 专注于舞蹈17年,从事舞蹈教学十余年,曾与众多教学机构合作,同时也是一名专业摄影师;

– 曾代表舞团包括Now or Never (温哥华),Nation of Funk (美国/加拿大)以及 Supernaturalz (多伦多);

– 2008年曾代表加拿大在德国参加国际比赛The Battles of the Year总决赛,荣获世界排名第七;

– 2010年曾受邀参加温哥华冬奥会闭幕式并参与电视剧及广告拍摄;

– 2012年与Keep Going Breakers(台湾)合作,赢得R16东南亚冠军,并赴韩国参加世界总决赛;

– 曾获得2013至2015年 Vancouver’s World of Dance 对决胜利;

– 2015年被评为加拿大The Top Bboy,并受邀参加 2015 Red Bull BC One Canada Cyphers 对决。